I promise this isn’t about hands.

Hands give people away. You think someone is young, then you see their hands. Perhaps you go to a reputable palm reader - obviously your hands will give more of you away in that situation! The fine lines, the wrinkles, dry skin, etc. Unless you are using makeup on your hands like you do other … Continue reading I promise this isn’t about hands.



So I decided to revamp my site, and beginning April 14th (maybe the 15th I'm not sure) my old domain will no longer exist. I have also removed a bunch of old posts because I felt they a) no longer apply since I am doing this as a personal blog now, and b) they sucked … Continue reading Reconstruction

No one cares about you until they’re at your death ceremony. 

Warning, very personal post. On my way home from work yesterday, depression struck again. Before you start, yes, I am on medication. Clearly it does not always help. Depression medication is more of an aid, in my opinion. It's a little push to get you through. Either mine hasn't been pushing at all, or depression … Continue reading No one cares about you until they’re at your death ceremony.