Somewhere I read that it takes three weeks to form a habit. I have really been working towards forming a routine lately. I made a chart, and cross a box out when I reach a goal for each day. Sometimes forming a routine can be overwhelming for me though. When I see all the different … Continue reading Balance


This is me letting go.

I absolutely love it when I see people comfortable in their own skin. Everyone – every shape, size, color, shade, type, etc. Confidence is the best makeup. It doesn’t matter what you look like, march proudly and rock what you have going on! There will always be people who are negative and try to dim … Continue reading This is me letting go.

No one cares about you until they’re at your death ceremony. 

Warning, very personal post. On my way home from work yesterday, depression struck again. Before you start, yes, I am on medication. Clearly it does not always help. Depression medication is more of an aid, in my opinion. It's a little push to get you through. Either mine hasn't been pushing at all, or depression … Continue reading No one cares about you until they’re at your death ceremony.