I promise this isn’t about hands.

Hands give people away. You think someone is young, then you see their hands. Perhaps you go to a reputable palm reader – obviously your hands will give more of you away in that situation! The fine lines, the wrinkles, dry skin, etc. Unless you are using makeup on your hands like you do other parts of you, they will give you away every time. Why am I talking about hands? Honestly, no reason other than it is something I’ve thought about absent-mindedly from time to time. Also, I’ve been staring at mine the past 15-20 minutes figuring out why they are so hot and puffy right now – ha!

I did not come here to talk about hands today (well I didn’t originally plan to anyway). Really I thought about this while I was cooking dinner earlier – sorta made a lil status about it on social media – but decided to elaborate some here.

I do not understand why so many people are so infatuated with another person’s life before their own. Some people will look down on someone who seems to be down in their life at that time, but then also speak negative about someone who is doing good in their life at that time. WHY?! Personally, I believe it is because they have doubts, insecurities, and unhappiness within their own life that they are not acknowledging or taking care of at the moment. It doesn’t give them the right to act in that manner though. We should always be kind to each other. Always love each other, or at least respect each other. Honestly, we do not know what people are going through in their life. We are not inside their head, we are not inside their life at all times. Not just that, but I don’t think people realize JUST HOW QUICKLY things can change for ANYONE. One person can go from being down and out, to out and about doing better for themselves. Someone doing great could fall on hard times and have everything taken away from them. LIFE HAPPENS QUICK. ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE AND APPRECIATIVE.

I have been all over – up and down. Some downs worse than others. I have evolved over time, and I will forever be evolving as I continue my journey through this physical world. If you are willing to listen and accept the lessons that the universe hands down to you – and then conquer them – you will begin to feel a strength within you like never before. That strength is wisdom. It is not a race though, all of our paths are different, all of them are beautiful and all of them teach great lessons that we will gain wisdom from.

My only hope for the world is that each person can experience true happiness. It comes in many forms, but you don’t have to have the best life imaginable to experience it, it is all about perspective.


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