So I decided to revamp my site, and beginning April 14th (maybe the 15th I’m not sure) my old domain will no longer exist. I have also removed a bunch of old posts because I felt they a) no longer apply since I am doing this as a personal blog now, and b) they sucked anyway. I know I don’t really have followers (I’m not even a little bit of a big deal haha), but I’m making this post in case anyone that used to come on my page gets confused.

Basically, I made the mistake of trying to go with a theme last year when I created my old domain (itsliterature). Being bipolar, I am usually kind of all over the place. While I have the same underlying set of ideas, I am always trying new methods. This applies to a broad range of topics in general, not any one in particular. I tend to pick up on something I want to do, and then change my mind or get bored with it quick. That is what happened with my book review blog. I am not sure what my mindset was at the time. Maybe I wasn’t comfortable yet with sharing personal messages publicly. This doesn’t mean I won’t be bringing up a book I am reading, just that I am going to keep this site open to anything. This way, I am not restricted to what I decide to write. I can write what I feel, and for me that is a form of therapy that I need in my life.

Be prepared for maybe a lot of posts at first, then scattered posts, then a lot again. Some days I feel like I need to get out of my head and will come here to spill. Others, I won’t even want to touch the internet. I somewhat know how I work, but I am constantly evolving as well – as everyone does – so who knows where I’ll go with this. Either way, I am excited!


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