Am I?

I am in a constant “Am I…?” battle with myself. 

  • Am I spending enough time with the kids?
  • Am I getting enough alone time?
  • Am I giving my all in my career?
  • Am I making enough effort?
  • Am I being a part of my relationship enough?
  • Am I too chubby?
  • Am I being a bitch?
  • Am I being too nice?
  • Am I meditating enough?
  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • Am I getting enough sleep? (NO.)
  • Am I getting enough exercise?

Then there are the deeper ones:

  • Am I okay?
  • Am I crazy?
  • Am I psychotic?
  • Am I going to make it?
  • Am I worthy?
  • Am I enough?

Life is a strange wonder…

…But a wonder it is.


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